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Parking Permits

We Need to Save Residents $$

I have received many complaints regarding parking permits in City Park, this is something I would have reevaluated. Residents should absolutely not have to pay for permits, and permits should be much easier to obtain. The lack of parking for the businesses on 7th Ave N also needs to be reevaluated.

Action Plan:

Immediately rectify permit restrictions which grant only homeowners easy access to parking permits. 68% of City Park are renters and their name on a household bill doesn't qualify when acquiring a parking permit, this will be rectified. 


As someone who grew up in privilege, how this is approached is not for me to decide. I will be advised by a homeless man who sought me out to befriend me. 

Action Plan:

One potential solution is to follow the model created in Salt Lake City and adopted in Medicine Hat. You can find a link above. 

Speeding on Spadina

I will slow things down

Speeding on Spadina is a problem. My idea to turn the section of Spadina between Queen and 33rd into a walking section on weekends would help combat this.


Action Plan:

Open the street up to pedestrian, bicycle, etc traffic only on Saturdays and Sundays besides becoming a wonderful outdoor gathering space, it would also provide a space for food trucks and a weekend farmers market. This will also divert traffic to existing arteries, encouraging new travel patterns.

CP and CN Rail

I will hold them accountable

As Councillor I will make it my job to communicate with CP and CN Rail in order to create a better relationship between them and residents of Saskatoon. I will be Saskatoon's direct line of communication. We are their neighbors and as such the many decisions that these companies make bear a great impact on our day to day lives. We deserve to be at the very least informed before say, 2000 trees are removed from the landscape.

Dog Parks

What about an indoor dog park for small dogs?

Many residents in the west side of the ward have mentioned the lack of an accessible dog park on this side of the river. I have received many great suggestions for a location and will make a proposal for one to Council.

Street Lights

I will brighten the area up

Street lights in Sutherland are few and far between on many streets, we need to reevaluate compliance with bylaws.

Overlooked Communities

I will make stronger connections with YOU

Mayfair, Hudson Bay Park, Kelsey-Woodlawn and Forest Grove appear to be neighborhoods that are being overlooked in civic politics. For example, Mayfair has become a hub for garbage build-up, transient crime, and civic bullying. As Councillor of Ward 1 I will ensure that all 8 neighborhoods in my ward are heard equally.

Action Plan: Listening when residents express concern. You are who decides what is important. I will make sure that I visit all neighborhoods frequently so that no issue goes overlooked. The 'processes' are failing our residents, inviting crime into your communities. This will be rectified. 

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