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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are my personal responses to questions asked regarding my stance on political issues in Saskatoon

How do you plan to reduce waste and pollution in our city?

I will propose to make recycling mandatory for all food services. It is not currently mandatory for restaurants to recycle anything. I am a manager at a Boston Pizza. The amount of cardboard and plastic that ends up in the landfill from my restaurant alone is alarming. Ensuring every restaurant is recycling is an easy and immediate reduction to waste.

Educating and encouraging the use of cloth diapers. Diapers are the most common waste item in our landfill. My mom used cloth diapers when I was a baby - not only do they reduce waste but they save new families money.

Bike Lanes

I think the current council has done a very thorough job researching what they have done with our bike lanes but I find it interesting how much they ignore resistance to it. I have always wondered why our city has focused on bike lanes but never seriously considered mass transit. Mass transit is far more lucrative to our economy.

If you are elected how do you plan to make Saskatoon a less systemically racist place for people of colour, Indigenous, Asian, etc?

I will demand ongoing, mandatory education regarding racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny for all elected officials as well as police officers. Education is always the first step to progress.

I will be loud. I will use the power that my position grants me to allow those who need to be heard to speak for themselves. I have made friends with homeless people and people who live in assisted housing. I will make sure their perspectives are known.

Those are the small first steps I know I can take but I find it crucial to recognize that the system itself is what's racist. We must move towards abolishing the current system and rebuilding however the First Peoples of our land see fit. This is our Treaty obligation.

Do you plan to change the speed limit by the North East Swale? If you do, to what? If you don’t why not?

I am always for speed reductions but I will admit that I do not know what would be best for this area. I would need to read the recommendations of experts and would follow them. I know that the North East Swale is the largest piece of natural land is Saskatchewan and the road we put through greatly disturbed the wildlife that live there. I will always support the recommendations of anyone working to preserve our natural world.

$134 Downtown Library

I am for the library. As someone who is constantly doing research I was heartbroken when the Saskatchewan Archives were moved to Regina. After that he public library is one of the few research outlets left in our city besides the University library. In addition to that the downtown library provides services to the public that help foster growth in people, they are one of the few places that will welcome residents of the Lighthouse, giving them access to literature, film, music, and friends. The downtown library is essential to maintaining humanity in Saskatoon.

Sask Polytech Saskatoon

Sask Polytech is next to the City Yards which are being moved. I think that we have an excellent opportunity there, right behind the main campus, to expand Sask Polytechnic facilities.Keeping the school centralized makes the most sense with the future Bus Rapid Transit System. Expansion in this centralized location would also revitalize an otherwise deteriorating area of the city. More foot traffic from educated youth is just what downtown Saskatoon and surrounding neighborhoods such as Ward 1's Mayfair and Kelsey-Woodlawn need. 

Rising Crime Rate

We need to provide housing to all of those in need. Once housing is provided social support is essential, providing access to social workers, counselors, doctors, etc. is the next step.This has been proven to reduce crime rates, lessen stress on the police, Healthcare and legal systems in many other cities and I am confident that it will help in Saskatoon. High instances of crime like we see here are symptoms of a society that has left it's most vulnerable behind. We need to change that.

We need another safe injection site, and it needs to be in Mayfair.

I am for the abolition of police entirely. That being said I do not think the council or the public in this city agree with me. So I propose mandatory ongoing training regarding racism, homophobia, transphobia, colonialism, misogyny, etc. as well as a public committee who exist to ensure transparency and accountability regarding this training.   

What do you envision the city’s role to be in economic development?

Right now we need to keep people safe so that businesses can stay open. As a manager of a restaurant that is currently experiencing a minor COVID outbreak amongst staff we made the decision to shut down entirely until more than 75% have completed their isolation. We need to encourage this type of reaction and find ways to support smaller businesses who don't have international corporations backing them should they need to react the same way.

Reopening the City

As a manager of a food chain I will be following all recommendations from our provincial government regarding reopening. As a city however, I think we need to find ways to move towards physically distanced commerce so that our local businesses can continue to thrive alongside the big chains.

How can we help small businesses hurt by COVID19?

My idea for more walking space would help small businesses to a degree. Many local restaurants have struggled to survive even prior to COVID. Many of those business's have resorted to food trucks to make their businesses successful. Creating a centralized space for these businesses with high walking traffic would be ideal.

How will I support seniors?

Seniors need guaranteed housing. Like I mentioned above, it is always cheaper in the long run to provide housing than to leave them on their own - it saves them the trauma that can be a symptom of being left on their own and it reduces stress on our Healthcare system.

I believe in providing homes to those who need it.

City Buses

The buses are not ideal transport in my opinion. Our busing system would work better if we provided targeted service. For example, I used the bus during university to get from my parents home in Montgomery to the university, the people on my route were either students or prairie meats workers. Targeted pick-ups for students (once they aren't working remotely) and businesses where many people bus would make our bus system more valuable.

Downtown Arena

 I think that with more adequate transportation to Sasktel Centre the need for a downtown arena is not necessary. I am not completely writing off the idea though.

Still have questions?