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We need to make life affordable for the everyday people of Saskatoon-Grasswood!

How? Elect NDP Members of Parliament and we will fight for:

Pharmacare for ALL - as a country how can we boast that we have universal healthcare when there are people throughout our country choosing between medication and housing or food? As New Democrats we are the original purveyors of universal healthcare, we will fight hard to ensure that Pharmacare becomes a given for all who need it. As someone who has suffered from asthma, and mental health issues most of my life, I deeply understand the need for universal pharmacare. 

So many people in our community work in the service industry, whether that be retail, restaurants, grocery, etc, and it is rare that anyone outside of management has access to supplemental health benefits. I have watched co-workers, friends, essential service workers, forego their medication because they had plates to pay, without those licence plates they couldn't get to work, without work, they could not afford food or housing. This would ultimately lead to a decline in health and loss of work. The cycle is vicious and it is affecting people you interact with every day.  The man who just rang up your groceries, the woman making that pizza, the uber driver who delivered you a coffee, these are the people society has deemed essential, it is time for New Democrats to create change that ensures they are no longer left behind. 

Affordable Housing - One of the biggest reasons I became interested in getting into politics is the things I learnt having conversations with people who lost their homes or no longer had access to safe housing. These are the people who live in our community but do not receive adequate political attention because they do not have a door to knock on. The funny thing is, the lack of door makes them much easier to get a hold of and their needs are simple. They need a roof over their heads. They need the support that the rest of the community takes for granted. They need to feel welcome in our communities. Providing housing is providing security, this can only strengthen our communities

Affordable Post-Secondary Education - Tuition prices keep climbing. Students leave university owing thousands. It takes them years to pay it off. For many, they cannot afford it in the first place. New Democrats want to work towards integrating post-secondary education in our public education system. This way every level of education can be achieved without cost holding people back. Achieving this would have a great impact on our children for generations. 

Access to Affordable Childcare - Our community needs more affordable childcare. In Saskatoon on average it costs $49.75 per day for infants, $40 per day for toddlers, and $37 per day for preschoolers. That is not affordable. Minimum wage works out to $91.60 per day in our province. That works out to more than 40% of a parent earning minimum wages income. Most recommendations say to keep your child care costs below 10% of your income. This is currently impossible for anyone making less than $119 400 per year. That is not a typo. 

There are more than 3000* single parents in Saskatoon-Grasswood, we must fight for affordable childcare for them. 


* all data calculated based on information available through the 2016 Canadian Census

Supporting Whitecap Dakota Self-Government

Whitecap Dakota First Nation Council and the Government of Canada singed the Governance-Agreement-in-Principle (GAIP) in 2017. This was the second step towards a new governance structure which would remove Whitecap Dakota Peoples from the jurisdiction of the Indian Act. The resulting WDFN Agreement-in-Principle outlines the future structures and law-making powers the WDFN will have when the Final Agreement is brought to a community vote, in 2021. 

Click here to visit the Whitecap Dakota Government website to learn more

I commit to meeting the Whitecap Dakota Peoples where they are, supporting them however I can. 

I commit to never taking up space that should belong to the Whitecap Dakota Peoples. 

I make those same commitments to all Indigenous Peoples, in Saskatoon, Grasswood, Treaty 6, Saskatchewan, all of canada. 

Countering White Feminsim

As a white cis-gender settler on these lands it is my responsibility to call out and reject white feminism, white saviors, tone policing, and white fragility, etc. It is not my place to speak for any communities that I do not belong to unless asked. As a Member of Parliament I am conscious of how important it is to de-center myself and make space for others. 

I promise to do this continuously and to reflect on my actions often. 

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