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I am Kyla Kitzul

I was born and raised in Saskatoon located within Treaty 6 and the Homeland of the Metis. I grew up in Montgomery Place attending St. Dominic Elementary School and later graduating from Bedford Road Collegiate. I spent my early twenties residing in City Park, baking bread at Earl's Restaurant and helping with the opening of Hudson's Pub. When I entered university I returned to Montgomery, where I currently reside, for the duration of my studies. While I no longer reside within Ward 1 I am confident that I understand the needs of Ward 1 well enough to represent the entire area.

My experience, knowledge, and patience are exactly what Ward 1 needs in a representative. I have 15 years of experience working in the service industry and am currently the manager of a Boston Pizza, this is a huge asset to the role of City Councillor because it demonstrates my ability to serve the general public. Besides that is shows my ability to manage and organize chaos with a smile (not that you can see it these days).

In addition to my hands-on experience, I hold a B.A. Double Major History & Political Studies with a Minor in Biology. I received my degree from the University of Saskatchewan.  This knowledge grants me an understanding of governance, specifically in the context of Canada that makes me a valuable asset to Saskatoon's City Council. Municipal level governance requires a serious level of personability, patience, and persistence. Managing the chaos that is a family restaurant requires the same skill set, the only difference is application. This is where my experience in customer service sets me apart from the other candidates. My ability to manage high stress situations by applying a diplomatic approach to solutions remains unmatched in my field. The service industry grants even the most educated human a level of human understanding which cannot be bought.

I fully support the open letter written to the University demanding more respect for Indigenous knowledge. The space afforded to Indigenous knowledge should be reserved for Indigenous Peoples.

I have an intermediate knowledge of French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Tagalog.

A little more about me

Growing up I was a natural leader, taking charge on the playground. I first became interested in politics when I held a protest against discriminatory dress codes at my elementary school at age 12. I learnt how to always be thorough, prepared, and dedicated to my community during my 14 years as a Girl Guide. I love collaboration and gaining knowledge from others. 

Why I wear a mask

I will often be seen wearing a mask, even prior to 2020 because I have asthma. Besides protecting myself and others from Covid19, masks help me enjoy time outside when there are forest fires. 

Besides that I currently work in the restaurant industry where masks are required for the safety of staff and patrons.

I would love to hear from you! 

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